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MGR offers comprehensive range of marketing services for our clients:

Analyst Relations

MGR will identify the most important analysts for your industry.  We will prepare necessary content to fully inform analysts about your company, strategy, products and services. We can assist them with research requests, and persuade the analysts to represent your company favorably.  We will arrange analyst meetings with your firm’s key executives.


There are essentially 3 types of articles: customer, technical and expert opinion (thought leadership). We will work with you to identify newsworthy stories, interview person(s), write articles, coordinate necessary photography/illustration, contact editors, and secure placement.  We guarantee that every article we create gets published at least two times. MGR hit a record recently where we got a single article published in 36 publications across the globe.


MGR will research awards competitions and prepare compelling content to aid in the selection process.  Awards can help distinguish your firm from the competition and position your company as best in class.


At MGR we can ghostwrite your blog and/or develop blog entries for your executives to be featured in industry blogs.  We will work with you to determine the topics and key messages of each blog entry, and will implement key words and phrases to promote search engine optimization of your company website.

Collateral Development

Our Creative Services Group can create a data sheet, pocket folder or brochure for that next trade show or your newest product.

Corporate Image Development

(logos, tag lines, etc.)

Corporate Presentations

MGR can work with you to craft a strategic and memorable corporate presentation.

Corporate Publicity

We can secure key press coverage for your business whether for the CEO as thought leader or for your products/services.  The communications strategy will dictate your work.

Customized Clipping

MGR has an in-house clipping department able to produce the clips you need, in a suitable format when you need them.

Editorial Calendar Research

There’s nothing worse than reading an article where your competition’s mentioned and you’re not. We make sure that doesn’t happen. We do extensive research to find out which publications are covering your subject matter and if they are, we want to make sure that you’re featured in a very important way.

Editor Perception Analysis

MGR can create an editor perception report.  This can be invaluable for appropriate, targeted messaging to all media.

Electronic Publicity (TV, radio, etc.)

Our creative services team can develop compelling TV and radio campaigns.

Graphic Design

Our Creative Services Department can develop appropriate and memorable graphics for your project.

International (Global) PR Programs

MGR offers programs for your worldwide growth.

Media Relations

No other firm can match the media relations capabilities of “The Publicity Powerhouse”.  Media Relations is the cornerstone of our Agency and is a huge differentiator for MGR.

Media Research

We will research, develop and continuously expand/revise a comprehensive media list.  This list is consulted in the development and distribution of all press materials.

Media Tours

MGR has managed hundreds of media tours for many clients over our 30+ year history.  But don’t feel as though you have to go on a press tour to secure press coverage – we will secure great coverage for your company regardless.

News Release Development

MGR will write news releases that will capture the attention of the media and your target audience.

Newsletter Development

For some clients a monthly or quarterly newsletter or e-newsletter can be an invaluable tool for effectively communicating with customers, potential customers, employees, distributors and others.  Our Creative Services group will write/design your company newsletter.


At MGR we believe great photography can help secure great coverage, so we encourage great photography whenever possible.  We will coordinate necessary news release and article photography and maintain a photo library.


Podcasts are a great way to communicate with your audience because they can position you or someone in your company as a thought leader within the industry.  We have produced hundreds of podcasts. MGR will work with you to craft questions surrounding a particular industry trend and interview key management within your company.  This typically takes about thirty minutes of your time and can be conducted completely over the phone for your convenience.  An edited final podcast will typically range from 3 to 5 minutes in order to captivate your audience and keep their attention.

Press Release Development

MGR can write newsworthy press releases that will capture the attention of the media and your target audience.

Product Launches

An amazing product launch can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful marketing effort.  Your account team will work with you to manage highly successful product launches.

Product Publicity

MGR will craft press material that positions your products as best in class.  We will highlight key features and benefits that distinguish your product from the competition.  Our media relations expertise will ensure that your products receive a tremendous amount of press coverage.

Reputation Management

We do research to find out what is being said about you to make sure a Blog, for example, is not saying something inaccurate.  We will always script appropriate responses to either negative or positive commentary.

Research (Audience, Competitive, Market)

Research can be a highly effective tool to help up develop and monitor all communications.  With a 30+ year track record of outstanding results, we understand the appropriate research methodologies for our clients.


MGR provides detailed program reports which chart program progress and results.

Sales Meeting Planning

Proper management of a sales meeting can have a direct impact on company revenue.  At MGR, we recognize the need to make the absolute most of your sales force and are experienced in creating productive sales meetings.

SEO Press Release Development

MGR will develop strategic SEO press releases with relevant keywords and links specifically geared toward search engine optimization. SEO Capabilities-  For full range of capabilities, refer to SEO pages.

Social Media Platforms

We search the internet to see what is out there in terms of appropriate chats and forums. We establish who is talking about your business so that we can communicate with the market in real time and create a dialogue with your customers. We do it in places like LinkedIn,
Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We develop compelling content and a strong following. These followers are your future customers.

Speaking Opportunities

We can develop a comprehensive list of speaking opportunities. You tell us which ones you are interested in.  We prepare the bios, the abstracts; to make sure you and/or your senior executives are the featured speakers. It’s wonderful because you have a captive audience in the room, all of which can be potential customers.

Special Event Planning

MGR will collaborate with you to coordinate a media event. Coordination will include production of an invitation to the event, contacting journalists, choosing a venue, organizing food, giveaways and any other elements associated with the event.

Speech Development

Our writers know your company so they become an invaluable asset to script speeches for company executives.

Strategic Consulting

MGR will conduct an analysis of your competition, including an evaluation of strengths, weaknesses and their advertising and public relations strategies.  We will also analyze your target markets and audiences. We will make strategic recommendations for your products, services and capabilities positioning.  We will continuously assess and refine the target audience and strategic messages.

Thought Leadership Development

We can develop a strategic campaign that positions your company experts as industry thought leaders.

Tradeshow Creative

Our Creative Services Team can help you concept, design and build your trade show booth as well as help in creating invitations and other collateral to leverage your tradeshow experience.

Tradeshow Publicity

Tradeshows are really expensive so if you are going to exhibit at a show, you want to make sure that you’re capitalizing on all show opportunities. Remember, you’re going to the show to capture leads, so you want to make sure that any publication that’s talking about the show is mentioning your company. We do extensive research to find out which publications are covering a show. Are they covering the show once, twice, three times with a pre-show, show, post-show coverage? There’s no reason why your company and products/services shouldn’t be included in all of that press coverage. We will schedule on-location editor appointments and prepare all press kit materials.


Twitter is a valuable Social Media Platform.  Refer to Social Media website pages.

Video Articles

We’re pioneers in video articles. We basically take the written articles that we create for you and turn them into a video format; dramatically increasing visibility for your company on the internet. Video articles are a smart way to separate your company from the competition, really solidifying your leadership position.

Video News Release

MGR can create video news releases to raise awareness of your brand among your target audience.  We can create segments of newsworthy information accompanied by video footage to be distributed to the broadcast news media and internet.  Television stations take the segments and incorporate them into their newscast as a 2-5 minute news item.


Vodcasts are a great way to communicate with your audience because they position you or someone in your company as a thought leader within the industry. Vodcasts are videos with still photography with added visual effects, music, and a voiceover.
Vodcasts are a dynamic way to captivate your audience. We can create vodcasts with still photos that you already have on file. This can be product shots, application photography, and pictures of your manufacturing facility. Vodcasts are a very cost effective way to create a video library. 


Your webinar can be a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is distributed over the web.  MGR will work with you to develop strategy, write script and create graphics.  Our creative staff will ensure that your webinar is a hit with your target audience.


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